A Brace of Boys

(Dutch and Ilya)

Dutch and Ilya make an extraordinarily lovely and well-matched pair.  They made their debut as a brace by going Best Brace in Show at the 2011 BCOA National Specialty and earned another Best Brace in Specialty Show at the 2011 Lone Star Borzoi Club specialty.  Since then they have been rewarded with multiple Best Brace in Show wins.  The girls make an even better pair but we're too intimidated by what they could scheme up together to show them.


Best Brace in Show, Cypress Creek KC, November, 2011
Caricature by McCartney
A Keen Pair
Self-Stacked at the 2011 BCOA National Specialty
In Perfect Sync on the Turn


At Full Extension:  "Moving Like a Tremendous Machine!"
A Promising Pair of Puppies



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